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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stitch Fix Review - My First Fix

With my recent unemployment situation, I've found myself having more time to write about non-food related things.  And I'm so excited to share this non-edible post with you today!

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  Apparently I had been living in a bubble for the past few months because I became aware of it only a few weeks ago.  Jumping on the success of other monthly subscription boxes like Birchbox, Julep Maven and Barkbox, Stitch Fix is a monthly (or how ever often you feel) women's clothing!  Here's a little pictorial explanation of how it works, straight from their website.

Basically you fill out the extensive style profile.  Do you like classic, edgy, boho or glam?  What's your size, arm length, desired clothing shape?  Do you go out a lot or do you mostly dress for work?  It's seriously long, but the more honestly you fill it out, the better your fix will be!  You can even link up a Pinterest board with ideas for your stylist.  You also can choose how much you want to spend on each item.  I set my accessories to "the cheaper, the better" and you can choose price intervals up to $200+.

After you fill out your style profile, you may be put on a waiting list.  I think it all depends on your size.  Most people have been waiting about two weeks for their Stitch Fix invitation.  Personally, I got mine right away.  They must carry a lot of size 6?  Even though I got my invitation right away, I scheduled by first fix to arrive right after we got back from Morocco.  I wanted a little something to look forward to after coming back to the real world!  Then my company decided to go and close.

Thankfully, I'm still getting a paycheck through August, which means I didn't cancel my fix.  I needed something fun and positive to look forward to!  I was so excited the day my Stitch Fix was set to arrive, I waited patiently by my phone for the package notice to arrive.  I couldn't wait to see what my stylist had picked for me.  They had a little challenge when it came to me - I'm a girl who loves shopping that lives near New York City.  I have endless options when it comes to clothes, what would my San Fransisco stylist pick for me?  (Ooo, I have a stylist, I'm so chic)

First, the box is totally adorable.  Everything is all matchy-matchy, from the emblem on the outside of the box, the pattern on the inside and the way the clothes are wrapped up.  It's like getting a little present!  I was thrilled to open the box and see all those pretty colors!  Then it was time for a fashion show.

First out of the box was this magenta cut-out button-up tank from RD style ($58).  So pink!  Love it.  I've been looking at laser-cut tops for a while and was excited about this top.  The only problem I had with it, it's a mullet shirt - longer in the back.  Each item in the box comes with an attached styling card, just in case you're not sure how to wear your new clothes.  It came in handy when I realized I could just tack all that shirt in!  This shirt made its way into my closet.

Next up was this houndstooth print skirt from Lasome ($48).  I love everything about it, except the waistband.  The fabric was great, length perfect, print was something I really liked too, but the waist was a thin elastic band.  It felt just a bit too cheap.  I also sent back this green tiered racerback tank by Eight Sixty ($58).  I just couldn't picture where I would wear this top.  And I thought it made my chest look droopy.  It went back in the box.

This pink cinch-waist textured cotton tank from Tulle ($48) was also a disappointment.  I marked my style profile with definitely non-peasanty and I would describe this top as very peasant inspired.  Totally not me.  Great color though.

The last thing I tried on was this crochet detail belted dress from Evolution by Cyrus ($128).  I set my dress price range a bit higher than everything else, so that's why this one is a bit on the pricey side.  I absolutely loved this one!  It isn't anything that I would have picked up in a store, but wound up being my favorite piece in the box.  Thanks for pushing my fashion choices Stitch fix!  Into the closet this went...

The three items I wasn't sold on went into the pre-paid mail bag and into the blue post box down the street.  Overall my first fix was pretty good.  Three out of the five items I really liked and I was on the fence about that green top.  I almost kept everything because of the 20% discount!  I've scheduled my next fix for the end of June and added some more comments to my personal style profile.  Here's hoping for another fun fix!

Want to try out Stitch Fix and join the legions of home shoppers?  Here's a personal invitation from me!  (Total disclaimer, Stitch Fix gives me a nice referral bonus if you sign up!  Then I can buy more clothes!)

What else have I gotten?

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