Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stitch Fix #3 - July 2013

It's Stitch Fix time again!  It's becoming my favorite time of each month.  Sure, I enjoy shopping and I'm in the city a few times a month checking out my favorite shops.  Nothing is more fun than telling people you have a personal shopper and stylist.  Haven't heard of Stitch Fix?  Here's the down low...

You sign up and wait until you get an invitation e-mail (they're still in beta and take on new customers when they can handle it).  I think it takes a few weeks to get your invitation these days.  Once you get your invitation, you fill out a long, in depth style profile.  It asks for all your sizes, fit and style preferences and asks how far your want to be pushed out of your comfort zone.

After you finish the style profile, you pick a date for the delivery of your first fix!  In my experience, the package usually arrives within one day of the date you choose, either before or after.  Next up?  Try on those clothes!  Get some second opinions!  Take some pics and have your Facebook friends decide!  Like everything?  Great, keep it all and get 25% off the purchase!  A few rejects?  Pop them in the prepaid mail bag and send them back.

How much will you have to shell out for Stitch Fix?  It's a $20 styling fee for each fix, which is then applied to the cost of anything you decide to keep.  You can set your price ranges for each category - tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, accessories.

How do you know if it's right for you?  If you are solely a Target/Old Navy shopper and like spending upwards of $10 on a shirt, then Stitch Fix might not be for you.  Personally, I asked for slightly higher priced items because I'm looking for quality pieces.  The designers I have received are ones that I often see at Nordstorm, Saks and Bloomingdales.

Now, are you ready to see what I got this month?  I asked for color this month, especially after last months mostly black and white fix.  My stylist this month, Jocelyn, totally answered my call and sent me lots of fun and bright tops.  I received this fix just before I headed home to Buffalo for a visit.  I took my fix with me and had a little photo shoot with my mom, in our backyard!  Yes.  My parents have a little barn in the yard, it holds all my dads tools and toys.

Collective Concepts - Gorden Geo Print Sleeveless Tunic - $78

Let it be said, I'm not really sure how to style this tunic.  But I love it.  If I were a few inches shorter I could totally wear it as a dress.  I loved the color and print right out of the box.  I only had these straight leg black jeans to wear with it in Buffalo, but I'm thinking it will look fab with a pair of black, capri length skinny jeans.  I'll work on styling this some more and maybe you'll see it again on my new project...  WITC (more info soon!)

Darling - Kesey Bird Print Belted Dress - $108

Say hello to cuteness in a dress!  I didn't take a close up, but those little blobs are actually black and white birds.  The combo of the bright color and the Peter Pan collar - neither of which exists in my closet - made this one a winner.  I can picture it with a little sweater and boots for the fall too.  Very excited about this one!  My only problem is the following - I found this dress on another website for $10 less, but it was baby blue.  I sucked it up and got this one, figuring shipping of the other dress would eat up my savings.

Sweet Rain - Tarah Printed Flutter Sleeve Blouse - $48

When I tried this shirt on at home, BF told me I looked like a modern day Charlie Brown.  Uh, thanks?  Yeah, I wasn't sold on this one either.  Neither was my mom.  She said that something very similar to this lived in her teenage closet.  Between the length (I have a longish torso) and the flutter sleeves, I felt like this shirt was a bit too young for me.  This one went back to SF.

Sanctuary - Arissa Sheer ButtonUp ShirtTail Tank - $78

This shirt was almost a winner.  Too bad it had three things going against it.  1. It's a mullet shirt.  High-low shirt.  Whatever you call it - there was about a foot of material tucked into my jeans.  2. I have this shirt in two other colors from Michael Kors (courtesy of T•J•Maxx!).  3. I really don't like the material - crepe.  It just felt a little cheap for the price.  Back to SF it went!

Ella Moss - Alecia Abstract Print Racerback Tank - $98

I've seen a few items from Ella Moss at Nordstrom before and thought they were pretty cute.  I was jazzed (yup, I totally used jazzed in a sentence) to see this tank in my SF box this month.  The print and color combo is so much fun.  Plus, I love the racerback.  I'm a fan of my shoulders and racerback tanks do a good job of showing them off.  Yes, this shirt is a bit expensive for a tank, but it's well made and fits perfectly.

This is my third fix (here are fixes number 1 and number 2!) and I think SF is getting to know my style better and better.  Sure, I haven't been able to take advantage of the 25% off 5 item fix yet, but that's okay.  I haven't really hated anything they've sent me, I'm just picky.  My next fix is set to arrive next week (see, I'm a bit behind) and have asked for some fall transition pieces.  While I'm not looking forward to the end of summer, I can't wait for fall.  I know, I'm a total contradiction.

If you're interested in trying Stitch Fix here's a referral link - Click here for cute clothes!  Total disclosure - I'm not affiliated with SF (they don't know me or my photographer mom), but if you sign up via that link they give me $25 to spend on clothes.  

Now enjoy some bloopers from our photo shoot!  We took these pics only two days after my wisdom tooth extraction and I felt like my cheeks and jaw were all puffy.  That's why you'll notice a few hand to chin photos!  There were also bugs in the backyard and two golden retrievers.  The humidity in Buffalo totally was killing me too.  My hair got more and more out of control as the shoot progressed!

What else have I gotten?

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