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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LUSH Giveaway at WITC this week!

I'm almost ready for the holidays! To get into the spirit, I stopped by LUSH and stocked up on all sorts of holiday goodies. Be sure to swing by my lifestyle blog - Wilde in the City - for a chance to win this adorable gift box from LUSH!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wilde in the World - Lima, Peru

Before the year is over, I want to finish updating you on what I've been doing all summer/fall!  In late August, I had the chance to travel to the Southern Hemisphere for the first time! I've gotten close to the equator before (Singapore is right on the northern side), but never have I crossed the line. I ventured to Lima, Peru for a conference and spent four days in the hotel. This was the view from my hotel room...

Since it was August, Lima was just coming out of winter and transitioning into spring. Apparently the sun doesn't shine during the spring in Lima and my view looked like this all five days that I was at the conference. Luckily my hotel room was amazing (definitely stay at the Lima Westin if you want a gorgeous bathroom!) and the conference was interesting.

Even the food at the hotel was tasty. Their chef is Malaysian, so the menu was a fusion of flavors from Malalysia and Peru. Sounds strange, but it was totally delicious.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Stitch Fix #9 - January 2014 & a HUGE Giveaway!

Happy New Year Stitch Fix friends! It's time for another fix and this one was lots of fun, though not so fun to photograph.  It's getting cold out!  My poor little fingers were freezing!  This fix came in the mail just before my Christmas trip home to Buffalo, so I took this fix home and had my family help me choose what to keep!

Haven't heard about Stitch Fix yet? You can read a full review and explanation in this post and decide if it's something you're into!  Basically you fill out an online profile and the Stitch Fix stylists send you some pieces from their vast collection.  There is a $20 styling fee that gets applied to anything you purchase.  Personally, I like to set up a Pinterest board for each coming season to help the stylists understand my style and what I've been lusting after.

This month I asked for a blazer for my new job and some cute weekend pieces.  The pieces they sent me ranged from - Just what I was looking for - to - Totally not my style.  Be sure to read through the entire post for a chance to win a $100 Stitch Fix gift card!!!

First up, this sheath dress from 41Hawthorne.  I've been getting at least one item from the Stitch Fix private label each month.  This month I got two. While I generally like the pieces from 41Hawthorne, I'm hoping for a little variety next month.  This dress was cute, but I wasn't liking the fabric. It felt a little to flimsy for a work dress.  I also just scored a few Hugo Boss dresses from the Bloomingdales Outlet recently, so back to California it went.

41Hawthorne - Clement Striped Sheath Dress

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