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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wilde Week #42

- I've been at my new job almost three months now! Though since I started, I don't think I've had one full week of work.  With the snow days and the holidays, I've been working three and four day weeks for months!  I think this week is finally the week that I'm at the office for five full days. That is assuming that the snowstorm that is supposed to hit this afternoon isn't too big!

- My new commute takes me through Newark Penn Station (not to be confused with New York Penn Station, even though they sound like the same station when a conductor shouts it over the train loud speakers). It's an old building, with rough, exposed iron beams and a beautiful art deco waiting room. It's no Grand Central, but it certainly makes my commute a little prettier.

- I'm afraid that I've gone way over my clothing budget for the month of February.  I blame all these amazing winter sales! My most recent purchase? I found that adorable pink Ted Baker bag at the Bloomingdale's outlet this past weekend for 50% off. The best part? I saw it at the UWS Bloomingdale's a few weeks ago, full price. You can get it on sale on Amazon, just not in the baby pink. Sorry. The best part about the tote? The lining is covered in bulldogs in bowties.

- Apparently January and February is the best time to do all those fun, christmasy, New York City things.  This past weekend, the Boyfriend and I used our GILT City coupon for skating and dinner at the Bryant Park skating rink.  The food was tasty, the skating was tricky and the price was right.  Bonus? The lines weren't that long and we were able to skate until closing. The only problem? Their rental skates have zero edge and you just kind of skim along the ice!

- I'v been trying to think about what I want to do for St Patricks day on the blog. Then I realized that I really just want to make more Lucky Charms treats and eat the entire pan. Is that wrong?

- I feel like I've been missing out on something with House of Cards.  Generally, I don't watch a TV series until it's been established. I've been abandoned by one too many TV shows - Awake, Flash Forward, Surface - and I like to know that I've got a few seasons to watch. Has anyone else been bitten by the House of Cards bug? The boyfriend is suggesting we binge watch both seasons, I'm dubious.

- Did you know that I'm awesome at bowling? And I look really good in bowling shoes?  The BF and i discovered a bowling alley near our apartment and hit the lanes last week. I haven't bowled in at least 5 years, yet I managed to score over 100 pins in each of the three games I played.  The BF? He was captain of the bowling team in high school. He has two bowling balls with his initials inscribed on them. Yeah, he tied or beat me in each and every game.

- I'm loving these longer days, with all the extra sunlight. I am not looking forward to March 9th, when we spring ahead and we're back to 5pm darkness. Can we do away with daylight savings time yet? Nobody likes it.
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