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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wilde Week #40

1. We've been hit by snowstorm after ice storm after blizzard this winter.  I'm not surprised, I was expecting a crazy winter.  The past two winters were super mild in the Tri-state.  I'm also not scared of all the snow.  I'm from Buffalo and these adorable storms drop only 5-7 inches of the white stuff.  I cleared over a foot of snow off of my car and driven to school when I lived in Buffalo.  My only issue with all the snow? I've only worked one full week since starting my new job!  We have had so many snow days!

2. This is the time of year that I'm so happy that I take public transportation.  It takes over 12 inches of snow to stop the railroad.  Sure, the trains might be a little late, but I'm usually home only ten or fifteen minutes later than usual.  Most drivers find themselves doubling their commute time during a snowstorm. Save your sanity tri-state friends, take public transit!

3. I'm so glad the the Biggest Loser is over once again.  It totally sucks me in each season.  Mostly because I'm so surprised when they interview these people and they have such a poor understanding of nutrition.  This season was so much better though. No more two or three hour episodes, no more voting people out (at least early on), a bit less footage of people losing their lunches.  Don't worry, I won't talk about who won. Not only because I'm sure some of your DVRed it, but also because I was so distraught by the reveals.  You know what I'm talking about if you watched it!

4. Tuesday night is also PLL night, that's Pretty Little Liars to the uninitiated, and I'm so addicted!  If you're not a teenage girl or a thirty something that thinks they're still a teenage girl, then you may not know about PLL.  You should definitely spend a snow day watching it on Netflix.  Ever since last seasons finale and the reveal(?) of who A actually is, I have been waiting to see how they screw it all up again.  I'm thinking that there are a few more plot twists coming up soon.  Who am I kidding, this whole TV show is one giant plot twist.

5. I've been working my way through my cookbooks for my 2014 challenge and came to the Magnolia Bakery cookbook this weekend.  I made their banana pudding and promptly ate SO MUCH of it!  Watch out for the recipe this Friday, it's so easy and über delicious.

6. I'm in love with these new earrings of mine!  My mom got me an Etsy giftcard for Christmas and I finally had time to peruse the website.  There are so many adorable things on Etsy and I had such a hard time deciding!  You want some cute birdie earrings?  Check out Once Upon a CHO!!!

7. I'm falling back into my employed rhythm.  Monday through Thursday, I have my slow cooker oatmeal on the train.  Friday is "Treat Yo-self" breakfast!  These days, I'm transferring trains at Newark Penn station.  They have a Dunkin' Donuts and I like to treat myself to a hot chocolate and muffin on Friday. It's been a long week, I totally deserve it!

8. I bought myself a Fitbit Flex last week and I have been totally obsessed with it since I put it on. My new job is more computer oriented than lab focused at the moment and I'm not on my feet all day.  It keeps tracks of my step count, my sleep and my food.  I love fitness and stats. It's also way less obtrusive than the Bodybugg that I used to wear.  I always got lots of questions at work when I wore my bugg at work.  Hey office workers, how do you keep moving during the workday?  How do you stay fit?

9. One last note - I love snow days!  Disclaimer - I live in an apartment and don't own a car.  I don't have to clear snow off of anything.
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