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Friday, November 15, 2013

Wilde Week #36

This week was one of the busiest ones I've had in a while! That's why I'm posting this weekly update a little late and I neglected to upload my second food post on Thursday! Here's the low down on my happenings of the week.

1. This past weekend, the Boyfriend took Friday off and we got to spend a long weekend together... Celebrating my birthday!  YAAAAAYYYY!  He's been working such long hours recently that it was nice to have three whole days to hang out with him. What did we do?  Lots.

2. Friday we hopped in the car, loaded up on Starbucks coffee and pastries and drove Upstate!  Well, Upstate New York, not New Jersey.  There isn't really an upstate in New Jersey. We stopped in a couple of towns in the Hudson valley and did some fun shopping! There are the best local shops on the cutest main streets Upstate. I got a whole bunch of silly things. Including an ice tray in the shape of little octopi (it's labeled "Cool-amari").

3. We wound up in Cold Spring, NY around lunch time.  Starving, we wandered into this adorable little restaurant (Hudson Hil's Market & Cafe). They made me the most delicious sandwich - Apple, gruyere & fig jam. I wish I had another right this very moment.

4. After Cold Spring, NY we wandered on over to Woodbury and tried shopping at the outlet.  Did you know that it's cold out and outdoor shopping is not fun when it's cold and windy? Also do not try to look at shoes at the Neiman Marcus outlet within two hours of closing.  They will get mad at you and all in a huff when you touch the shoes.

5. Saturday was a long day of birthday shopping, but I came home with some of the most amazing Manolo Blahnik pumps ever! Then we got all dressed up and enjoyed some delicious food in downtown Montclair.

6. Sunday was not the best day for wandering around New York City, what with the blustery wind and random rain showers, but I came home with a cupcake and some new duds.

Such an amazing weekend and I'm so excited that I got to spend it all with the Boyfriend!

7. In addition to my birthday weekend, I was invited to the Bon Appetite test kitchen for a cooking class!  This Wednesday I met up with a whole bunch of great ladies (and a few guys) to learn what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers!  Watch for that post next week, what a great experience!
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