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Monday, October 14, 2013

Wilde Week #32

1. Sunday, the Boyfriend and I were supposed to attend a pizza making class in Little Italy.  Sadly there was some sort of gas leak in the pizzeria and we had to reschedule. So instead of making pizza, we ate it at the new Italian Food Center.  While the pizza was good, it was these pancetta topped, maple syrup glazed brussel sprouts that were just amazing.  Head to Grand and Mulberry and get dinner!

2. Washington square park is always a center of weirdness in New York City, yesterday was no different...  While enjoying the last light of the day, one college girl decided it was the right time to take off her shoes and run around in the fountain.  After about three seconds she realized how cold it was and ran back to the dorm with her friends.  This wasn't the only thing happening in the park that night.  There was also an exceptional piano player giving a small concert, a dance crew busking for cash, break dancing lessons and a bunch of people playing handball with an empty water bottle.

3. Convincing the BF to do things on Sunday is getting harder and harder.  Especially now that his phone is broken.  I dragged him to the apple orchard last week and this week we went shopping in Soho.  I had to give him my phone so that he could follow along with his important football games!  Personally, I never got into football because my dad was one of those crazy, yelling, superfans in the 1990's.  Though I do love me some football food.

4. Stopped into BCBG and found this clutch.  It's so freakin' adorable!  Though I would be singing "What does the fox say?" all day long.  Foxes are so hot this fall!

5. Zebras are hot too.  Or at least I want to think they are.  Look how adorable this shirt is!  Dancing zebras all over my blouse! Such a happy outfit.

6. With all this extra time that I have, what being unemployed and all, I've been spending lots of time on WITK and my new endeavor - Wilde in the City!  Haven't stopped over to visit my NYC fashion/fun/photography blog?  Drop by and say hello!  I'm having a lot of fun with it!

7.  I'm running out of days that I can sit outside and enjoy a dish of frozen yogurt.  I'm thinking that as long as the temperature stays in the 70's, I'm going to enjoy a weekly trip to Red Mango!
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