Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wilde Week #31

It's fall and that means so many things to me!  I got to enjoy quite a few of them this week...

1. Apple picking.  Ever since I started going apple picking with my friend at grad school, this has become one of my favorite fall events.  I have come to learn that a bunch of girl grad students are much more excited about Sunday afternoon apple picking than boyfriends are.  Boyfriends apparently want to watch football...

2. Outdoor workouts.  Lululemon just opened up down the street from my apartment.  Being an unemployed person I can't really afford to buy things there.  But did you know they always offer free workouts?  This week was an outdoor Crossfit class from the local Crossfit club.  So fun, my thighs are still burning.

3. Lunch in Central Park.  By this time of the year, the temperature has fallen enough that a picnic in Central Park is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  The sun is warm and the breeze is cool.  It's perfect for lunch and then maybe a little nap.

4. Fall shopping.  BF and I shopped Fifth avenue this weekend and checked out the ready to wear collections at Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Bergdorf Goodman.  Did we buy anything?  No.  But it's fun to look at such pretty clothes and get ideas for my own personal style.

5. Dessert!  Summer is the time of fruit for dessert.  Fall begins the season of cheesecakes, cupcakes and pies.  Bikini season is months away and I can totally do for those extra calories.

6. Pumpkin recipes.  Do a simple foodgawker search for pumpkin and it comes up with over 7,000 hits.  I want to eat them all.  Especially this.

7. Halloween Candy!  Halloween is my favorite holiday because of the bite sized candies everywhere.  And while I can do without candy corn, I found gummy candy corn at Williams Sonoma.  Yum.

8. Crisp, morning runs.  I avoided outdoor runs during the hot and humid summer.  Since I'm still looking for work, I can enjoy an early morning (okay, mid morning) run in the cooler weather.  I also got some new running shoes.  I feel so fast.
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