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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wilde Week #25

Busy busy week in the Wilde household.  It's been a fun combination of going on interviews (yay!) and spending days with other unemployed friends (more yay!).  I'm trying to enjoy my unemployed time, because it (hopefully) won't last forever!

Curious about how a science interview works?  Stop back Tuesday and I'll explain the whole long, involved process.  I'll also treat you to some cake.  That involves cookie dough.  Yum.

- Looking for a fun place to have lunch of dinner in NYC?  BF and I headed to the East Village this week and had dinner at The Meatball Shop.  It was delicious.  You can choose from naked meatballs, meatballs piled on top of pasta, potatoes or veggies, meatball sandwiches or meatballs smashed on toast.  They also have homemade cookies and ice cream sandwiches.  So good.

- I am a PB&J lover at heart.  Audra made these amazing looking PB&J cookies this week and I'm totally in love with them.  Look at how perfect they are!

- We don't spend all our time in the city, BF and I explore what New Jersey has to offer too!  We spent Saturday in Hoboken and had some ridiculous pancakes at Stacks.  I had the Chunky Monkey - their original fluffy pancakes, topped with peanut butter, bananas and chocolate chips.  I was full after one pancake.

- Chocolate pretzel bread pudding?  I'm in love.

- BF and I are two weeks away from doing our second Spartan Race.  Last year I finished the 11-mile race in just under four hours, the last three miles during an outright downpour.  Here's hoping they adapted the course for this year and that I don't have to run up a ski slope three times...  Anyone else headed to the NJ Super Spartan?  See you there!

- Question for you - What candies remind you most of Halloween?  I'm getting ready for a candy-filled fall and I'd love some suggestions and requests!  Pop your favorite in the comment section!
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