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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wilde Week #19

1. Happy Fourth of July Week everyone!  I hope that you were one of the lucky people with a super long weekend.  I love it when the 4th is in the middle of the week.  It means you can go and watch fireworks all week long!  We got to watch three different displays, even one right from our couch (thank you mystery town west of ours!).

2. I'm totally behind on my Restaurant Wars challenge.  Please, don't go up top and click on the tab.  I'm way behind.  Like months behind.  This is totally crazy because I've been unemployed for a month and a half.  I should have all the time in the world to complete the challenges.  I promise I'll fix it.  Don't give up on me!

3. In the meantime, I need to make cookie dough brownies, like stat.

4. I spent a good portion of this long weekend at a photography workshop with Aran Goyoaga (of Cannelle et Vanille).  It was a two day workshop and day one was dedicated to foraging and outdoor photography!  I'll tell you all about it later this week, but I wanted to share a few photos from the weekend.  If you have the chance to take one of Aran's workshops, you should definitely sign up.  It was very inspiring.

5. I was at French Connection this weekend and tried on those pants up there.  Thoughts?  My only problem is, it's a million degrees outside right now and I can't imagine wearing pants.

6.   Want to learn a neat trick in to use Photoshop?  Check out this video.  Now you don't have to worry about all those tourists in your photo of Lady Liberty.  Just average them out.  Amazing.

7. I have discovered the absolute best time to go shopping in Soho.  It's July 4th.  All of the city dwellers have fled the island for the beaches and all of the tourists are on the west side trying to get a good firework viewing spot.  This leaves Soho completely empty, yet all the stores are having amazing sales.  I got a Tahari suit for 60% off.  I'm going to be styling on my upcoming interviews!   Put it in your calendar - July 4th 2014 - shop in Soho.
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