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Friday, June 21, 2013

Wilde Week #17

It's been a few weeks since I've done a Wilde Week post.  Actually I haven't written one since before my company closed!  It's not because I've been super depressed and sitting around at home.  Quite the opposite, I've been really busy!  What have I been up to?  Read on, it's been a fun unemployment so far.

1. Almost right after the site shutdown, Boyfriend and I went on vacation in Morocco.  If you go to Morocco I highly recommend booking a climbing excursion in the Atlas mountains.  See how awesome and tough I look while scaling that wall!

 2. While in Morocco, you should also head out to the middle of no where!  Shockingly, I was able to get internet and GPS out in the middle of the desert.  We're living in the future!

3. The best part about being unemployed?  Weekday brunches!

4. And weekday lunches with your girlfriends.  Lunches that include massive plates of chocolate cake!

5. And the time to wait in line to see THIS GUY!

6. I'm perfecting my golf game.  Kinda.  I'm mostly terrible and can hit the ball only 120 yards.  But I wear a golf glove and look super professional.

7. The hot summer weather has finally arrived and we found a Dairy Queen near a park.  DQ + Park = awesome Saturday!

8. Summer in NYC is amazing.  There are so many festivals going on all through the summer that I can't be bored.  If I have a slow day, all I need to do is head to Manhattan.  Thank you NYC for keeping me entertained!

9. What have I been doing the past two weeks?  Prepping for job interviews.  Have you ever been on a scientific on-site interview?  It takes all day.  From 9am to 4pm usually.  They include meeting with just about everyone on your prospective team and giving an hour long seminar about your previous experience.  It's exhausting, but totally worth it.
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