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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wilde Week #15

1. It has been a week full of baking!  I was making all sorts of fun sweet for the NYC bake sale for No Kid Hungry and went through pounds and pounds of sugar, chocolate, almond flour and butter.  It was an amazing day where I got to help out a great cause and meet so many NYC area bloggers!  Such a great group of ladies (and guy!).  I'm looking forward to making some savory treats over the next few weeks.

2.  This is the most amazing lip balm ever.  A little expensive for lip balm, but it's amazing!!!

3. While in Brooklyn yesterday, BF and I came upon the Bust Magazine craft fair.  There were so many amazing artists, jewelers, sewers and crafters from the area and I found a few amazing pieces.  Including this necklace!  I have been lusting after a geode necklace for months and this one really caught my eye. (You can find the super nice jeweler, Eileen, here on Etsy!)

4. I love this list.  And yes, it makes me feel old.  So very old.

5. Chemistry has been not only fruitful this week, but it has been fun to look at!  The first flask contains dry potassium dichromate, the second flask is after dissolving in hydrochloric acid and adding zinc dust.  Inorganic chemistry is so pretty.

6. I bought a container of dried kiwis are Fairway market the other day and I have no idea what to do with them!  Other than eat them all, of course.  They taste like candy.

7. Spring is slowly coming to the Tri-state area.  I'm looking forward to the hot days of summer when BF and I can get strawberry shakes at Shake Shack and sit in the park.  We spent some time at the Brooklyn Bridge park this weekend, napping on the lawn, it was fabulous.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and decompressing for the week to come!
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  1. Dried or freeze dried? Because I'm seeing dehydrated fruits as macaron coloring/flavoring and I neeed to try it... or maybe make some sort of granola mix or trail mix with them! Bake in a cake! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

    1. The kiwis are regular dried, like grapes. If they were freeze-dried, they'd be destined for macs :) I made some raspberry macs with freeze-dried raspberries last week. So good! I like the idea of using the kiwis in a granola!


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