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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wilde Week #14

1. It's been a long week in the lab.  I've been working on a tricky new synthesis and have spent the majority of my time on my feet, running around the labs.  As of Friday, I'm happy to report that I completed the synthesis and made my project leader and boss very happy.  Along the way I ran a nickel reduction and during the course of the reaction, the nickel became magnetic.  Enjoy the magnetic lines formed as my newly magnetized nickel dances around my magnetic stir bar.

2. It was a week of ups and downs.  Like Sunday, when I discovered my iPad screen had shattered somehow.  It's still a mystery to me.  Then moments later I noticed there was a Groupon for iPad screen replacement.  

3. Why Jimmy Fallon was so good and so terrible on SNL.  Enjoy the top 10 crack-ups of SNL.  Love it.

4. I wore these shoes to work Friday.  The only thing most people said to me was "Whoa!  Those shoes are bright!"  My girlfriends told me they were awesome.  I believe both groups of people were correct!  Please note, these are just hot pink ballet flats.  Not hot pink four inch heels.  Wait till they see my lime green Sperry wedges this summer!

5. Why yes magazine, I am grossed out by walking around the yoga studio in my bare feet.  Am I willing to drop $110 for some adorable pink and orange polka dotted foot wraps?  Maybe...

6. If I could, I would make everything in a muffin tin.  You too?  Here are some cool ideas, some that I'd never even thought of before.  Love the mini lasagnas.

7. I'm spending this weekend prepping for the NYC bake sale that is happening next Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea.  If you're in the city next weekend, stop by and support No Kid Hungry by picking up some tasty treats made by some of your favorite NYC area food bloggers and bakeries!  There are some raffles you can enter, even if you aren't in the NYC area!  Enter Here!

Have yourself a great week and hopefully I'll see you next weekend at the Brooklyn Flea!
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