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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wilde Week #13

It's been a wild week for everyone, I'm glad the weekend has arrived.  Here are a few things that will hopefully make you smile and ease you into a low-stress weekend.

1. Cat comics!  Nothing is better than cat comics!  Makes me want a cat.  And not want a cat at the same time.

2. Crazy skirts!  Apparently Lucky magazine thinks I can wear a wicker lampshade as a skirt.  My only question, what if I want to sit down?

3. Disney Princesses in sloth form.  Go ahead and look, it's silly.

4. Green hair!  Do you think I can pull off this look at work?  I wonder how many people would come up to me and say "Your hair is green!"

5. Layer cakes.  So pretty.  This one is so simple too!  Bonus?  Sweetapolita is working on a baking cookbook!  So excited!

6. Spring has finally shown its face here in the Tri-state area.  As memories of winter fade away, I'm looking forward to walking through New York City in my cork wedges, sipping an iced tea.  Spring makes me smile.

7. Go ahead and watch all the episodes of Better off Ted.  It will take you all afternoon, but you'll enjoy laughing all afternoon long.  Tweet me with your favorite moment.  I have so many!
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