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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wilde Week #8

1. Three books this week! Mostly because I neglected to tell you about my book of the week last week. They are all pretty quick reads, so load one onto your kindle and cozy up with a hot drink.

Book 1 - Culinary Reactions - The Everyday Chemistry of Cooking by Simon Quellen Field.  I was so disappointed in this book.  I got this book as a Christmas present and have been waiting to read it.  I thought it would be fun and interesting to learn the science behind cooking and baking.  Sadly, I'm not quite sure who this book was written for.  For someone with a PhD in organic chemistry, this book was a bit too simplistic.  For someone with no chemistry background, this book is too complex.

Book 2 - Bonjour 40 by Karen A. Chase.  Another blog turned book, but I really enjoyed this one.  It made me want to travel to Paris again, but stay for a month of my own.  I do this a lot with travel essays.  They give me wanderlust and I find myself looking at flights on kayak for the next week.

Book 3 - before i fall by Lauren Oliver.  Yes, I have a problem and I love reading teen lit.  Don't judge.  A story about a mean high school girl who dies in a car accident, but that's just chapter one.  Then the day happens again.  This book is probably a great read for any high school student to help them reflect on bullying and how they treat people around them.  Personally, it depressed me and made me not want to have kids that grow up into teenagers.  Great story though, I'd totally recommend it.

2. This Friday at work we had our annual Pub Quiz. Although due to new company rules, it was an alcohol free pub quiz, which I think is just called trivia. Nonetheless, I'm apparently stupid. No really, I thought I knew random things? Nope, I'm a big ole dummy. You want to know which question I got right? Name one president, other than Lincoln or Kennedy, that has been assassinated. McKinley. Boom, I know stuff. The other thirty-nine questions? Yeah, I'm gonna pass on those.

3. I should also confess that I regularly play trivia with BF... We spend most Friday nights out at dinner, playing Sporcle on the iPad. Want to waste a few hours of your life, testing your general knowledge of useless things? Go here, you'll totally be sucked in. Don't say I didn't warn you.  Still, this weekly trivia did not help me at work.
4. Marathon training continues around here. This week I was on my own an in the gym because 1. BF had major work this week and couldn't come with and 2. It's been cold out. So far this week I've run ten miles with my big six mile run coming up later today! I'm thinking I need to get some new running shoes. Hot pink ones, like this. I will look really fast in them.

5. Can you believe that next week is the season finale for Pretty Little Liars? I feel like it just started back up a few weeks ago! And there has been so much going on this season, I'm so glad that I'm not one of these girls. My high school life was comparably boring! Don't watch PLL? You should. It's silly and suspenseful and dramatic and I want to dress like these girls, even though I'm 31.

6. I think I'm obsessed with marshmallow treats. I made a batch last week with biscoff. This week I turned a box of Lucky Charms into squares. Now I'm thinking of taking these freeze-dried raspberries and mixing them with marshmallow and cereal. Help me! I have a marshmallow addiction!

7. Nail polish of the week? I'm a little boring this week. I'm sporting haymarket by nails inc. LONDON under a layer of beyond cozy sparkle polish by essie.  My nails are so sparkly!

8. Are you ready for St Patricks day?  If not, head here, here or here and get inspired!  I'm going to put on my green pants and maybe make some more Lucky Charms treats!
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