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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wilde Week #6

1. Boyfriend had to go out of town this week for a dinner and meeting. This left me all alone for one night. What did I choose to do? I went back to Brooklyn and made cookies at Momofuku! Then I proceeded to eat way too many of them. So glad I went, now I finally understand all the nuances in the Milk bar cookie recipe! I was doing it all wrong!  Stay tuned for some delicious cookie recipes in the near future. Coming to NYC anytime soon? Sign up to go to a class yourself! Great way to spend a weeknight!

2. Books of the week Crossed and Reached by Ally Condie. Yes, I finished both sequels to Matched this week. I told you they were quick reads. Perhaps it's because I'm reading a bit below my age bracket. Whatever, they were fun books. The second book, Crossed, was a bit slow at times and didn't always feel like it was part of the same story as the first. book. The final book, Reached, was fast paced, interesting and a good way I finish the series. There were a few things that I wish Condie would have explained (like where in the world was this supposed to be set? Which country fell?) but all in all this was a fun series to read. Going on a beach vacation? Bring these books.

3. Crossfit this week - It was benchmark week, which is something they do every few months to give you a sense of how you are improving. Now I know I can row 2000 meters in 9:02 minutes and that next time I have to crush that time! Last Sunday we did pull-ups and on Monday I realized that I haven't done pull-ups in like fifteen years. OUCH!  I could hardly raise my arms to wash my hair!

4. Is anyone else glad Community is back on tv? They teased us so long about when it was coming back and now we've got Halloween episodes airing near valentines day, Christmas episodes airing near Easter and a fear that there won't be another season! C'mon NBC, I just want to watch funny TV!  I just can't wait to see what Chang is up to now.

5. Nail color of the week?  Swiss Cottage from nails inc LONDON.  It's green from one angle and blue from another, very fun.
6. I'm so ready for summer now. I've been searching for a cute bra, that doesn't look like a bra, to wear with backless shirts. Victoria's Secret Pink to the rescue! They have tons of these pretty lace bralets that look just adorable peeking out from under a shirt. Can't wait for warmer days!

7. Our verizon fios box needed replacing a few weeks ago because someone couldn't watch HD hockey.  So they sent us a new one.  When we finally got around to hooking it up and sending the first one back, the second one once powered up had a loud, insessant and annoying squeak.  Grr, constant squeaking couldn't be put up with.  I sat online with customer support for an hour to confirm it was broken and they sent me a new one.  Guess what, this new one doesn't work either.  It refuses to comply with the remote controls commands.  It's like the 1800's in here and we have to change the channel with the buttons on the box!  This box is going back as soon as I can get someone at Verizon to talk to me in their online chat support.  Let's say I'm a little peeved, I just want to watch House Hunters.

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