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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wilde Week #3

1. It may be my inner Buffalonian, but I'm not seeing this most recent winter storm as the "Storm of the Century!"  I remember brushing eight inches of snow off my car before heading to school many a morning. And this stuff will be melted by the end of the week, in Buffalo - snow sticks around until May.

2. Success!  Wednesday night, Boyfriend and I hit the Willowbrook mall.  I was a woman on a mission to find my kelly green jeans.  After trying on at least seven pairs in five different stores, I settled on one pair and bought them.  Then while walking out of Bloomingdales, BF spotted a pair of even better ones - on sale!  I returned the pair I had just bought and got myself some kelly green Michael Kors skinny jeans.  I wore them to work on Thursday.

3. I've been totally obsessed with nail polish these days.  As a grad student and Postdoc, I spent so much time in the lab, elbow deep in acetone, there was no way to keep my finger nails pretty.  This week I'm wearing "Black Taxi" by Nails Inc - London, topped off with "A Cut Above" by Essie.  So SPARKLY! 

4. This weeks book - The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom.  Though this book is called an "adult fairy tale" I still feel like the age demographic for this book is much younger.  A story about the man who became Father Time, this book could easily have a book report written about it with the last sentance being - The moral of this story was..."  Luckily I got this book through the digital library and didn't spend money on a book that took only two days to read.

5. I began Crossfit this week!  Apparently you can't just start at a Crossfit gym, you have to go through a four-class fundamentals training.  This training has been really tough for me, not because I've never been to the gym before, but because I've been too much!  I'm a trained and certified BodyPump instructor and every move in Crossfit is contradictory to what I learned in BodyPump training.  I keep getting yelled at by the trainers because my brain is hardwired for Pump and I'm totally doing a squat "wrong." 

6. Everyone out there buried in snow, maybe you should set some time aside and make a snowman - Maybe like one of these!  It's heavy, packing snow out there.  Get to it!  Shoveling can wait!  Long Island, you probably have enough snow to make #11 happen!

7. I discovered one down side to moving to Brookyln.  No Sephora!  Can you believe that there is not a single Sephora in all of Brooklyn!  At least I'll save money, which I can spend on deep fried Mars bars at Chipshop.
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