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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wilde Week #1

I have been mulling this over for a while and I have decided to add a weekly post - "Wilde Week."  Every Sunday will bring seven highlights of happenings in my life this past week.  They could be silly and useless (see number 3) or something a little more important (nothing strikes me as terribly important this week).  I'd like to use it to share something more personal from my life with friends and family that I don't see nearly enough and everyone else out there in the intertubes who I call my blog friends (we're friends, right?) 

Maybe you'll see something that you really like (hello number 5).  Perhaps you'll be concerned over my living situation (yes, number 1, I'm looking at you).  You could even have a solution to my problem of the week (this week, went rather smoothly, unless you know how to methylate alpha to a ketone with 100% yeild.  Yes? No?)  Or you could just decide to skip Sundays post and wait to hear from me on Tuesday with a new recipe!  It's all good! 

So I hope that you had yourself a great week.  I present you with my Wilde Week.

1. Boyfriend has lost his mind. In living with a crazy person.  You saw a glimpse of this a few weeks ago when I made hot dog shaped cookies.  Well, he's done it again.  And while yes, he is a bit of a crazy person, I love him and he makes me fall off the couch laughing.  Please enjoy - Born to be Tasty

2. Buffalo Pretzel Chicken.  I made this Taste of Home recipe earlier in the week.  Except, I made it more amazing.  Please please please, go to the store and buy some Hanover Buffalo Pretzels.  Use those in this recipe.  Replace the dressing with blue cheese dressing and prepare yourself to be amazed.  Maybe I'll post this recipe to the weekly post another time.  I made it and immediately ate it this week.  No time for pictures, too hungry.

3. Iodine is super pretty.  And when you dissolve it in liquid, it turns the liquid pink, then red, then purple!

4. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  I usually read at least a book a week while spending four hours a day commuting to and from work.  This weeks book is The Night Circus!  If you are a fan of fantasy reading, this book is one that you should check out.  Set in the late nineteenth century, it's about magic, love, mystery with a little bit of suspense.  I've still got about 80% left to read and I can't wait to see how it ends! 

5. Cindy's Kitchen pear vinaigrette.  I am totally addicted to this salad dressing.  It has increased my salad consumption by 300% and I already eat a lot of salads!  I have only been able to find this dressing at Fairway Market, though I've gotten some of the other flavors at Whole Foods (the Asiago and Cracked Peppercorn is pretty darned good too).  I will put this pear vinaigrette on salads, grilled chicken, pork, breakfast cereal, hot dogs, tater tots.  Seriously, anything would be more delicious with this stuff drizzled over it.  You'll notice I have two bottles, I don't want to run out!  (Disclaimer - Cindy's Kitchen doesn't know me, I bought all that dressing myself, I am a salad dressing addict now.  Please send help, or more salad dressing.

6. iPhone camera lenses. BF got these for me for christmas this year and they have seriously improved my camera phone pics.  You stick a metallic ring around the camera on your phone, then these guys just clip on and off with use of magnets!  I've got the macro lens and the fish eye lens.  They are totally useful when I want to take a nice picture while out in the city, but don't want to look like a lost tourist.
7. This hat is awesome.  I had to wait for the train for twenty minutes on Wednesday night.  It was very very cold out.  You know what wasn't cold?  My head.  Because of this awesome hat!  You know what was cold?  My butt.  Because I'm too stupid to buy a coat that covers my rear end.  Luckily we are in for a warm spell next week, because while this hat is super warm, I look like a total goofball when I wear it.
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