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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Watson's Sponge candy Winner!

From the comments left of my Sponge candy giveaway, there are a lot of Buffalo ex-pats that miss their sponge candy!  I can definitely count myself among them!

In the end, there were 47 comments and chose...

Comment number 32!  Which was...

bflogurl!  Did not so randomly pick out a former Buffalonian as the winner?  We'll never know! 

Okay bflogurl, send me your details to wildeinthekitchen (@) hotmail (dot) com and I'll have Watson's send you your big box of sponge candy! 

Weren't the winner?  Head over to Watson's and buy a little bag for yourself.  Personally, I'll be ordering two big boxes.  One for bflogurl and one for ME!  And I'm not planning on sharing...  (bflogurl, it's up to you whether you share your winnings!)
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