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Friday, February 18, 2011

What day is it?

So, apparently it's Friday, although I woke up thinking it was Thursday.  This is crazy because last night I watch Community (amazing show, go set your DVR) and Community is on Thursday nights!    I must have forgotten this fact as soon as the show was over, because I neglected to write a post for you today!  Here's the plan.  Today I'll take care of some blogging business, then tomorrow I'll send out a new amazing recipe (it really is good!).  Sound good?  Well, let's get down to business!
Recently I have been the recipent of the Stylish Blogger award!  So thank yous go out to not one fabulous blogger, but the six bloggers who thought I was stylish enough to deserve this award!  Thanks go out to...

The Mom Chef - She is currently cooking her way through Cooking Light Magazine, it's so much fun!

Fit Foodista - She has some pretty amazing recipes and they're healthy too!

Big Fat Baker - The desserts being posted on this blog are droolworthy!

Amy Bakes Everything - One word - hilarious.  I love reading every post.

Cookbook Archaeology - Loving following along on her journey of curing meat :)  So jealous of her summer in Pompeii!

Little Kitchen on the Prairie - Great looking recipes and stories written from the heart, love her!

Secondly, I am supposed to share some fun facts about me!  I'll share some different fun facts from the last time I recieved this award...

1. I am currently running an acetate cleavage in my hood.  (Chemists, enjoy my nerdiness, everyone else, giggle at my nonchalant use of the word cleavage)
2. I've been making a lot of candy recently, my kitchen floor is getting very sticky.
3. I will wear my winter coat until the temperature rises above 55 degrees.
4. I am excellent at navigating, I do not own a GPS.
5. I secretly compete with the people on the treadmills next to me.  I must outrun them!
6. My car is gold and it's adorable, no matter what anyone else says.
7. My apartment is so small, I didn't have to turn on the heat once this winter.  Remember, I live in CT.

Now wasn't that fun?  Some very useful facts about me!  Thirdly, I've got to pass this award along to some well-deserving bloggers!  I've recently discovered so many fun new blogs, here are a few, go check them out!

Lulu's Sweet Secrets - A new blogger with some amazing pictures

Delicious Inspiration - Some amazing desserts from a girl in my home town!

La Mia Vita Dolce - Delicious looking recipes that make you want to lick your screen

Honey and Soy - I wish my macarons were as beautiful as these!

Ingredients of a 20 something - A girl with a cupcake addiction to rival my own!

There we are!  Some of my new faves!

On another note, have you ever wondered where I got that pie plate, my cake stand, that handy dandy tool?  Check out the link on the right, you'll find all of my favorite tools, equipment and foods! 

See you tomorrow!
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