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Friday, October 29, 2010


Thanks right everyone, November is NaBloPoMo.  Or to those of you confused out there, National Blog Post Month!  That one special month of the year that bloggers attempt to post, every single day.  Now I think being a food blogger puts you at a bit of a disadvantage for this challenge.  Posting everyday means a whole lot of cooking, baking and general dirtying up of the kitchen. 

So get ready for an onslaught of delicious recipes and perhaps the odd disappointment.  With posting everyday I don't think I'll have to luxury of not posting my failures!  Since we are heading into fall in the northern hemisphere, and approaching thanksgiving in the US, I will be posting lots of fall-inspired foods that hopefully help you out in planning your thanksgiving feast.

But until then, here is a picture of my dog...

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  1. Can I move my October to November? I think I posted every day in October. If not, I was awful close...
    Cute little doggy...

  2. Good luck! It is also national novel writing month - I tried to write a novel in a month two years in a row and couldn't pull it off. Still debating over this year - I might do the blogging instead.

  3. I'm especially fond of NaBloPoMo this year because they have instituted Wordless Weekends. You know, post a picture if you get really busy/lazy :) Be sure to run over to to sign up!

  4. Holy cow. You can just post puppy pictures all month - that is a darn cute dog!


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