Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wilde Week #39

It's been a while since I posted a WW update.  I've been busy!  This week I'll give you a quick update since my last Wilde Week post, almost two months ago...

1. I started my new job.  I've been there for just over a month and have really enjoyed every minute! My new company is small, there are just 15 of us, so I've been wearing many hats. I'm doing a combination of research & development and business development. I look forward to seeing where the company goes and being there to help it grow.

2. It's been seriously cold over here in the Tri-state.  Granted, we didn't get any days off due to it being -15 ºF, but I have been bundling up like crazy for my morning commute.  It's been so cold that the trains are late because the doors of the train keep getting stuck open!

3. It's also been so cold that one of the pipes in our apartment building froze and burst.  You can see the resulting aftermath from the river of water that came rushing down the hallway. Lucky for us, we live on the top floor and most of the water went down.  We only lost our doormat.

4. This time of the year I tend to avoid going to the city.  January brings cold and windy weather which just whips down the avenues.  I've been staying local and visiting New Jersey on the weekends.  Or my couch.  I like to visit with my couch when the temps don't rise above freezing.

5. I visited my family over the Christmas holiday.  I actually had a white Christmas for the first time in years!  The past few December 25ths have been rainy or warm, it's about time I got a white holiday!  The only problem? I spent Christmas Eve at my brothers house and he doesn't like to use his furnace.  I woke up in the middle of the night to find myself in a room that couldn't have been more than 55ºF.  I needed more blankets, but had no idea where to find more blankets.

6. I've been diving into my new challenge for 2014.  Going through all my cookbooks has been lots of fun and I came across a few that I had forgotten about.  My only question with this challenge is, What if I get a now cookbook this year?  Do I add it to the list?  Anyways, get ready for some recipes involving chia seeds, recipes I've translated from many foreign languages and so many cookie and cake recipes!  Apparently, I have lots of baking cookbooks.

7. I am apparently a bag food blogger.  I have no Super Bowl or Valentine's Day related recipes.  Sorry.  Kinda.  Not really.  How many red, heart shaped cookies or cakes do you really need for one day a year?  How many cheese dips does one person really need?  Okay, nevermind.  All I want for dinner is cheese dip.
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