Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wilde Week #38

We are deep in the holiday season and I'm so ready! The BF and I just got back from visiting his parents for the Thanksgiving holiday and I'm so refreshed.  They live in Southwest Florida so we were greeted with warm temperatures and sunny skies. Of course since it's the Christmas season, our trip wasn't without holiday charm!

- We flew out Thanksgiving morning at 8:00am, which meant I had to get up at the unnatural hour of 4:15am! Luckily the plane was half full, so I was able to turn on my tiny TV and lean my seat all the way back and take a nap.

- I did not prepare our thanksgiving dinner. BF's parents house is not really that well stocked and it would be impossible to cook a traditional holiday dinner. We went to a local restaurant and enjoyed a relaxed thanksgiving buffet. I like a buffet for this kind of meal, it means a dozen different types of pie!

- Lots of you have already be contending with snow this season and it was just the same in Southwest Florida! Kind of. Every weekend after thanksgiving, snow falls on Naples, Florida to the delight of the kids and kids at heart. In reality it was over 70 ºF that evening and the snow is blown from bubble machines attached to the street lamps. It's adorable and fun, but I wouldn't suggest catching those flakes on your tongue.

- This weekend we had breakfast at one of my favorite places in Florida - The Lighthouse Cafe on Sanibel Island. Sanibel is like a little hidden jewel sitting in the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches are white sand and covered in shells.  It's where the BF and I took our first vacation together and will always be one of my favorite places to visit.

- Coming home, I'm ready to celebrate Christmas! With only two and a half weeks until I visit my own parents, I have a lot to get done around here.  The tree is up and awaiting the ornaments. Time to get out and get shopping, Christmas will be here before I know it!
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