Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wilde Week #35

1. I cancelled most of my subscription boxes after the layoff, all of them except Julep! I love it when that little box shows up in my mailbox. I'm a nail polish addict! This month I got Lola - a navy blue polish with a satin finish.  So pretty.

2. Am I the only one mildy obsessed with Million Dollar Shoppers?  These people are all crazy!  The shoppers, the clients, the people who work in the shops.  All completely nuts!  Who really pays $30,000 on a dress for one evening?  No wait, who pays $30,000 on clothes over the course of what, a few years?  And on another note, I want to dress like all of these crazy people.  So fabulous.

3. Along with apple picking, I also insist on carving pumpkins every fall!  I liked it when I was little though, my dad would cut open the pumpkin and take out all the gross stuff inside.  Now I have to do it myself!  Blegh!

4. I'm thinking of having Thanksgiving dinner next week.  The BF and I always head to Florida to visit his parents and travel on Thursday.  Due to our travel schedule (and the fact that the in-laws don't own any cooking supplies) we don't really get a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm excited to have the smell of butter and onions wafting through the apartment!

5. With the above in mind, I'm thinking of trying out some new side dish recipes!  Maybe these Brussels sprouts, these stuffed mushrooms or this cranberry relish.  What are your favorite sides?

6. Okay, more TV complaining.  Why does NBC hate me all of us?  Did you notice they put Parks and Recreation on hiatus?  Something about wanting to get a bigger audience for the show Sean save the world.  With Parks & Rec and Community appearing and disappearing from the line-up, I have no idea what is going on in the plot.  And since I'm unemployed, I need lots of shows on the DVR to entertain me during the day.

7. This past Saturday the BF and I decided to do something a little goofy.  We grabbed lunch, a blanket and art supplies and headed to the park! Someone (not me) is very good at painting. How do you spend your weekends when you don't want to spend any cash?

8. I'm wanting to eat everything peanut butter and chocolate these days.  I think it's because I just bought a HUGE jar of peanut butter and I see it there in the pantry, asking to be made into these brownies, or blondies or these other brownies!
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