Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wilde Week #33

Happy Tuesday internet friends!  I find that Tuesdays are always a little better than Mondays.  The week has already started and we're a day closer to another glorious weekend.  When I was at my last job I really liked Tuesdays.  Monday morning always started with a team meeting that lasted longer than necessary.  Tuesdays meant I could come in and get right to work in the lab! I'm unemployed right now, so Monday and Tuesday don't really feel any different from each other...  Here are a few things from last week, other than my job hunt, which isn't really exciting.

1. My morning run has been so much prettier now that the leaves are changing!  Reds, oranges and yellows are such a nice change from the usual green I saw all summer.  There is only one problem though, acorns.  My running route is dotted with oak trees and it's BOMBS AWAY with the acorns right now.  I've taken to wearing a hat so I don't get hit in the face.

2. I have a huge pile of apples from our trip to the orchard last weekend.  I'm collecting apple recipes to try and use up all of my stash.  I'm thinking this apple butter and this apple sauce will do the trick!  I don't dare make an apple pie, I'll eat the whole thing myself!

3. Have you been to Red Mango yet this month?  Their pumpkin spice flavor is back!  On a warm day last week I headed over and got myself a cup.  Of course I had to drizzle it with some caramel sauce.  So good.

4. I thought I was over all the pumpkin recipes out there, but then I saw this one for pumpkin bread pudding with nutella glaze.  I'm in love.  I need to go buy more pumpkin puree!

5. This past weekend the BF and I spent Sunday in Brooklyn.  We did some antiquing at the Brooklyn Flea and gorged ourselves on grilled cheese and lime sodas.  I want to live off of this grilled cheese.  It was filled with cheddar, gruyere, blue cheese and roasted apples!  Ah-mazing.

6. I'm so sad that Friday was the last episode EVER of What not to Wear!  I took a few years off from watching it and when I start watching again, it's over!  I remember watching the first season with that really mean guy (Clinton didn't join until second season!).  Last year I even got to meet both Stacy and Clinton during New York Fashion Night Out.  They're both taller than I thought they would be.

7. I've been leaving the living room windows open all day and night.  In the evening, this cool breeze floats in and I can watch TV under a fuzzy blanket.  I love it!  What am I watching up there?  DVRed Gilmore Girls.  Forever my favorite show.

8. I've been training again for another half marathon.  I don't know which marathon I want to run, I've just been running.  There is only so much job hunting and resume editing a girl can do in one day.  When I head out for my runs I like to run around the park.  If I'm feeling good I'll just keep taking laps until I'm bored.  Yesterday I set out and wound up running 9 miles.  Feeling good today, a bit hungry...

9. This time of year I miss living in Wisconsin.  There were so many fun things to do in the fall.  Apple picking, corn mazes, the farmers market.  Sadly, fall is quickly followed by winter and I don't miss Wisconsin winters!

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