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Hi, I'm Vicki!  Organic chemist by trade, I spend my evenings and weekends in my New Jersey Kitchen.  I strive to make everything from scratch in my kitchen and keep the chemicals at work.  You can make just about anything at home, with the right recipe.

I'm always up for a challenge, whether it be in the kitchen or out.  In 2011, I challenged myself to try making store-bought candy at home.  This resulted in the delicious and sugary Candy Challenge, 2011.  With the completion of 2011, I realized a greater strength in the kitchen and a knowledge that you can make anything yourself. 

This lead to the 2012 challenge, Why Bother?  After taking requests and challenges from friends, family and followers, I created a list of 27 challenges, to be completed throughout the year.  By completing these challenges I realized that some things are better when made at home and some things are better left to professionals!

2013 is the year of Restaurant Wars!  24 challenges to recreate the iconic restaurant experience at 24 popular American chain restaurants.  It also means pre-planned 24 dates for Boyfriend and I through the year, I love it when I don't have to make decisions!

Of course, there are always failures and flops along the way.  While I don't particularly like to share my failures (who does!??!), they will show up from time to time, although I will try to relegate those posts to Sunday as a way to clear the air and start the week fresh on Monday!

Want to know some other fun facts about me?  I'm a certified fitness instructor, trained to teach BodyPump, BodyStep, BodyFlow and TurboKick.  I enjoy wearing brightly colored pants, even though boyfriend seriously dislikes them.  I long to travel the world and taste everything in it!  I love fashion, photography and adventure races too.

If you have any comments, questions or general foodie inquiries, e-mail me at wildeinthecity (@) gmail (dot) com
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